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My Experiences With Tom And Josh 库珀 Have Been Nothing But Outstanding

“I had the difficult task of acting as the Personal Representative for my aunt’s estate in Kentucky while I lived in Tennessee. Although I made frequent trips to sort through personal belongings, the 库珀’s attended to every issue and ensured all legal requirements were met. 通过解决一个遗产的过程, I discovered property tied to another family estate that had never been settled. The 库珀’s never missed a beat and prepared the necessary documents to settle the delinquent estate. Beyond their impressive knowledge of estate law, Tom and Josh are very personable. They offer the perfect balance of expert representation with friendly communication. I am extremely pleased with the service the 库珀s have provided and would recommend them, 毫无保留, 对于任何需要法律代表的人.——未透露姓名


“我家用的是库珀 & 库珀律师事务所,plc, 涉及两份遗产的复杂遗产事宜, 止赎诉讼, 未成年子女的监护, 我们对结果非常满意. 我们强烈推荐他们!——未透露姓名


We also encourage our clients to create a plan for their future health care. For individuals above the age of 65, we offer elder care planning.

We can help you plan for your Medicaid care, ensuring that you are eligible for support. This is a crucial step, as even the smallest transfer of assets could disqualify you from aid. If your loved one’s mistreatment has led to wrongful death, our firm is always prepared to take a case to litigation.