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Have you sent invoices or notices to clients who owe you money for your goods or services? Do you have a commercial tenant who refuses to uphold their financial obligations to you as a landlord? Are you currently in a dispute involving the collection of debts or payments for business-related matters? If so, our collections lawyers in Elizabethtown are here to act on your behalf.

What Sets Cooper & Cooper Law Offices, PLLC, Apart?

  • We offer our clients one-on-one case consultations to discuss their matters personally.
  • We are a father-son team with over 50 years of combined legal experience.
  • We have represented several local, regional and national businesses in collections matters.
  • We have handled many types of complex commercial and civil litigation matters, including cases involving multimillion-dollar estates.

You deserve the money that is owed to you. Do not wait another moment to take action. Get the money owed to you! Request a private consultation now.

As a business, you offer your goods or services in exchange for payment. If you have not received payment, however, you have the right to take action against the party that has failed to pay. From commercial collections to collection litigation, Cooper & Cooper Law Offices, PLLC, is committed to secure the most cost-effective, timely, and satisfactory resolution for you. Call our Elizabethtown office today.

We represent the following in debt collections actions:

  • Businesses
  • Commercial landlords
  • Commercial offices
  • Corporate offices
  • Medical offices
  • Financial institutions
  • Our attorneys can assist all types of businesses that have not received proper payment for their professional services, goods, loans, and liens of all types. Additionally, we can help take action on behalf of landlords who are owed money for unpaid rent, charges, and other expenses for commercial properties or apartment complexes.

    Skilled. Knowledgeable. Professional.

    In the end, we want you to have a positive return on your investment, despite a delinquent account. We do everything within our professional reach to make sure you see a positive return and experience minimal risk or liability on your end. We understand that an uncertain economic climate may have caused financial hardship for your client. Our firm treats your clients with the same level of respect and confidence that you would expect from us.

    If you have questions or would like to learn more about our collections practice, contact Cooper & Cooper Law Offices, PLLC, at 270-561-6155 to request a one-on-one consultation.